Tim Camarena

Tim Camarena

At the Law Office of Tim Camarena our mission is to provide you with competent legal advice at reasonable rates.  When you have a legal issue, you should consult with an attorney before you commit yourself to course of conduct.  Information is power.  For that reason, initial consultations at the Law Office of Tim Camarena are free.

At the Law Office of Tim Camarena, we are committed to providing our clients with quality legal services with personal attention.  At the Law Office of Tim Camarena you will meet with Mr. Camarena.  Your consultation will be with Mr. Camarena.  You will not be handed off to a helper or assistant.

Mr. Camarena will help you understand your legal options and work jointly with you to determine a course of action that meets your needs.

If you need legal advice, Mr. Camarena is here to help.

ATTORNEY FEES:  Retaining an attorney can be a financial burden for many.  At the Law Office of Tim Camarena we will try to make arrangements with you to reduce this burden.  Matters can sometimes be handled in incremental phases, step-by-step, to avoid large retainer payments.  Such circumstances also allow you the client to determine if you are receiving the service you expect for your money.